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My name is Jeff Rapkin and I have prepared this website to provide everything you need to get from filing to finish without an attorney. I understand that many people cannot afford a lawyer and have no choice but to "DIY" a case. Everything you need is here, at low cost, and with all the help you will need. have been practicing law since 1996. In the past 20+ years, I have represented people in thousands (upon thousands) of cases. I have learned that even though the law is meant for everyone, all too often people without a small fortune to spare are regularly denied access to our Court systems.


In my efforts to streamline the processing of those all-too-important forms needed for filing, I have worked, reworked, reformatted, distilled, and produced my own computerized forms and what I have been calling "FormApps," which are tools  I routinely use in my casework. One day I wondered how I might be able to share these with everyone. 

I have been practicing law since 1996 and in that time I have tried every method I could find for drafting Divorce, Paternity (Custody) and other Family Law documents. As a solo practitioner, it was (and still is) important that I find a way to prepare legal documents quickly, efficiently, and without mistakes. No commercial program or website would perform this task correctly. I tried them all and they ALL made mistakes, so I ended up having to build it myself.


Beware the "Clerk's Packet." When a person goes to the Clerk's office and asks for the "papers to file a Divorce," they are handed a "divorce package," or a "packet," which is thick enough to frighten anyone into believing that the task is too difficult to overcome. It contains multitudes of forms, instructions which are hard to understand, and requires lots and lots of writing. With the Clerk's packet, the instructions are complicated, the mistakes which can be made are life-altering, and there doesn't seem to be any help anywhere. (Almost all Clerk's offices have a sign that says "we don't give legal advice.") 

I grew up believing that everyone has a right to the Court System. Money or the ability to wade through an impossible sea of complicated language should not be an impediment to you being able to have your day in Court. Someone handing you a "packet" and then slamming the door in your face is just wrong.


​Did I mention that the Clerk is going to make you pay thirty dollars (or more) for their "packet?" My solution costs less. My solution also does the work for you. 


​Is it an App? A Program? How Does it Work?

I hesitate to call it a "program," but I did have to learn a little coding to make it all work. Whether you are trying to file a Divorce, Modification, or some other task, my solutions are here for you. I am calling them "FormApps" because they are forms that I have created over the last twenty years, and they are also "Apps," meaning that they are automated. I have created them to do the work for you. Each is all-encompassing, and operates as a self-contained "App," just like any other. I designed them with one sole purpose in mind: to draft Family Law papers quickly and easily. Anyone who can open a PDF document can complete his or her papers with my Apps. You will be shocked at how easy I have made the process for you. 


With my solution, I have turned hours of (agonizing) work into minutes. The work is done for you in an intuitive, easy-to-use system, complete with instructions, videos where I walk you through the process and guides i have written for you. My Financial Affidavit even does the math for you.  (It took me four months to figure out how to make it self-calculating and I've included it here for you.)

After graduating and passing the Bar, I started my career practicing in Manatee County and I have spent most of my career in Sarasota and Charlotte Counties. My father is a retired Circuit Court Judge and my mother a retired English Professor and Dean of Students at Manatee Community College, now called State College of Florida. I have three grown children and I have been married to my lovely wife and the mother of my children since 1992.  In college, I majored in Biology and Botany, I was Law Enforcement Certified in 1992, worked briefly for the Sheriff's Office before going to Law School. I have been a Victim's Advocate, and I am a Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and Family Mediator.


Because I practice a great deal of Family Law, at this point, my completed Family cases number in the "upper hundreds" (maybe thousands I lost count years ago) and I know for a fact from required record-keeping that my injunction hearings are in the "thousands." From 2004 through 2009 I worked on grants from the Federal Government (U.S. Dept. of Justice) and other Governmental Agencies, both State and Federal. Throughout my practice, I have always held something my father told me after I passed the Bar. He told me to always remember that the Law is for solving people's problems fairly, for helping people, and lawyers should always do the very best we can to leave people in a better situation than when they found us. You can find more about me at:

It is my deepest hope that with this site I can help you. Remember that the law is for you and the fact that you don't have thousands of dollars to spend shouldn't keep you from having your day in court. You are entitled to the same court system, as everyone else. What I have provided on this website will get you through. 

How Can help you? 

Many of us can't afford an attorney, but need access to the Court system just the same. Anything and everything you need to represent yourself is here, just waiting for you. All Apps are provided to anyone who pays for a month of access. (I did mention it costs less than the Clerk's packet.)


How does it work? The process is as simple as a "do it yourselfer" trying to install a kitchen sink. Just as some home improvements do not need a plumber or contractor, some legal tasks can accomplished by you, for you. Remember the law is supposed to be for everyone.


Think of it like this: A typical home-improver who needs to replace a kitchen sink would purchase the tools, get the sink, the faucet, etc., would read a manual, watch a video or two before getting the job done. That's the same approach I have taken here. Whether it is preparing divorce papers, a motion, a modification, many legal tasks can be accomplished for you and by you, without the aid of an attorney. Within this site, I have provided everything you need to do it yourself. I provide the "tools and kitchen sink," provide the information, (written instructions, manuals and charts, and, whatever is needed) and, I have even made short, but detailed videos on what to do to get through the process. Most importantly, you will learn what you need to know for you to accomplish your legal tasks on your own. 



Especially on the internet, beware of the "jack of all trades, but master of none" when it comes to the law. Not all States have the same laws or see things the same way. This is not a national website, claiming to be well versed in each state's laws. is ONLY for Floridians. The law varies, sometimes greatly, from state to state. What might be perfectly legal in California, New York, or Tennessee, might not be legal in Florida. Everything I have created here, the documents, the Form Apps, information, and videos are for Florida residents, created for Florida Courts. These Apps are the very same that I use in my own practice. By using my forms, reading the instructions I have provided, watching my videos, you will be able to get through the Courts and obtain relief. 


Before obtaining a form or package from a (so-called) "national" company, it would be prudent to check the legal standards, rules, and laws prior to filing something which might be illegal in Florida, but not elsewhere, or vice versa.  


If you live in Florida and are trying to accomplish a legal task, can you really be certain that the "national" companies (the other companies on the internet promising things that are too good to be true) are up-to-date on the latest changes in Florida Law? I live and practice law in Florida, all day, every day. There are no hidden fees (like some other legal websites) and no repeating charges. Since there are no repeating charges, there is no need to worry about "cancelling" a service you don't want or need. 

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