DON'T TRY TO DO ANYTHING UNTIL you've looked at the information here and watched the video: "Anatomy of a Pleading." Please note that I put "Basic Essentials" in RED because if you don't review the information on this page, (and watch the very short video) you might make mistakes.


This is DIY Family law, for people who don't have lawyers but still need access to the Court System. I have done everything possible to make the process fast and easy and provided everything you need. BUT if you don't take the time to obtain the "survival" tools I've provided here, you might make mistakes and your case will get stalled, held up, or even dismissed. 

Yes, my videos are posted on Youtube, but I am NOT a "Youtuber." 

When you watch the video guides, I am NOT asking for you to click on "liking" anything or to subscribe to anything. I use Youtube because it is the easiest method to post my videos for you. Don't worry about anything except watching, learning, and getting your papers filed.

I want you to succeed. I want you to be able to get from filing to Final Judgment on your own. As always, if you have a question, please email me or post it to the blog. I will do everything I can to help!


Step 1: Watch the Quick Video: "Anatomy of a Pleading" and download the chart

Step 2: On the "Member's Page" Click on Your County or Circuit

Step 3: Click on the EULA and Acknowledgement

Step 4: Choose what you need and get started!

It's that easy! No more complicated and cumbersome "Clerk" packets, no more worrying about paperwork that takes hours, and spending more hours on the internet weeding through fake lawyer websites trying to get a retainer out of you that you don't have. There's no need to worry about legal words and phrases that are difficult to understand. (Lawyers call that "legalese.") It is in plain English, easy to understand, and the forms I have developed practically fill themselves out for you!

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LEGAL DOCUMENTS: (Besides reading this, don't forget to watch the quick video too!!!)

1. There is a process for everything, but it is NOT as hard as you think. 

2. Take 5 minutes and watch the Video about some basics, learn what a "Pleading" is and how they work.

1. What is the process? You don't just scribble a letter, make some complaints, hand it to the Clerk, and expect to be in Court arguing your case the next day.There are some essentials needed and the required "service of process." Remember the "rule of threes." You need to have AT LEAST an original and two copies when filing your documents at the Clerk's office. Remember to first sign the documents, some with a notary, then make copies. You don't want to copy first, because then you have to sign three times and notarize three times. 

First sign, then remember the "rule of three:" 1. The original goes to the Clerk, 2. A copy sent to your ex and 3. keep a copy for yourself.

2. What is a "Pleading?" A Pleading is a fancy word which means: "legal document where I'm asking the Court for something." It really is that simple. Petitions, Motions, they are all "Pleadings." 

Anatomy of a Pleading: There are some things that must be in every pleading. These are things called a "caption," a "heading," a "wherefore clause," and so on.  Click here to download my "Anatomy of a Pleading" chart. Don't Panic, it is really very easy! I go over all of it in the video. 

Click here to watch the video.