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Most attorneys charge in between $250 and $350 for a "consultation fee." (seriously!) I am always amazed that you have to buy dinner at a fancy restaurant (and then some) simply to have a conversation with a lawyer. NOT HERE. To help me cover the cost of this website (end insurance, fees, etc) I am charging ten dollars ($10.00) for a consult. I will answer all your questions for less than the cost of breakfast at Tiffany's. (Yes, I'm on a diet and comparing the cost off everything to food, don't judge me.) 

How I am doing this: book the date and time here. Pay the ten dollars. I will talk to you on the phone and answer all the questions you have for as long as it takes. You will NOT hear "your time's up." You WILL hear, "do you have any more questions? Ask away!"

I have been practicing law since 1996 and at this point there isn't much I haven't already seen and dealt with. If you need more help than I have provided here, book a call. Let's talk.

1. Become a member.

2. Send me an email with dates and times for us to talk. Give me your phone number. 

3. Pay the ten dollars.

4. I will call you.