Jeffrey A. Rapkin, Esq.

Attorney at Law

This is the "All-in-One," No-Attorney "DIY," Do-it- Yourself Family Law Solution for Florida Residents to Complete Family Law Papers WithOUT an Attorney.

DID YOU EVER SEE THE CLERK'S "PACKET?" It looks terrifying, even to lawyers. I think it was designed to make people throw their hands in the air and give up. You do not have to give up! You have a right to the legal system and in this website, I've prepared everything you need and it is NOT the clerk's packet."

I have turned my own forms into applications called "FormApps" and they practically draft the papers for you. Go to the link on this page to see the video on how they work. There is a Form App for almost every kind of Family Law case. Petitions, answers, motions, all forms needed to begin and complete your case are here on this website. 

For a one time twenty dollar ($20) membership fee, you have complete access to everything on the website. There are no repeating charges, no hidden fees. 


I WALK YOU THROUGH COMPLETING YOUR FAMILY LAW PAPERS: Besides the FormApps, on the site, I have videos for completing divorce papers, modification papers, even motions and getting your case from beginning to end.  In my videos, I tell you exactly what you need to do to complete your divorce, Custody, Child Support or any other Family Court Papers. It has taken me over twenty years to build the Form Apps I have put here for you. Now you can draft and file your own papers, quickly, easily, with no confusion, and without a lawyer. I've streamlined the process for you. 

As a Member of, you receive complete access to everything in this website, everything you need to complete the tasks below, along with an easy-to-use Form App, guides and videos.

  • File A Divorce Case and You DO Have Minor Child(ren) with your Spouse
  • File A Divorce Case and you DO NOT have MINOR Child(ren) with your Spouse 
  • File an Answer/Response to a Divorce With Minor Children
  • File an Answer/Response to a Divorce WithOUT Minor Children
  • File Paternity/Custody/Timesharing/Child Support Papers 
  • File an Answer/Response to Paternity/Custody/Timesharing/Child Support Papers
  • File a Petition to Modify Support or an Already Existing Custody Order
  • File an Answer to a Petition to Modify an Already Existing Order
  • Answer a Counter-Petition
  • File a Motion in a Family Case
  • File the Legal Documents Needed to Finish Your Case
  • File a Motion For Contempt or for Relief,
  • And Much More!!

A note on protecting your rights: YOU MUST ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS: Whether having to deal with a Criminal Charge, being sued, or having a spouse serve you with papers, the law exists to protect the Due Process rights of everyone. In certain circumstances it is required that a person must affirmatively assert those rights (file something in Court to give your side of things) or their position in the Court system will be hindered, or even lost altogether. For example, a person who does not answer a lawsuit may have a "default" issued against them which means that they have agreed with everything the opposition said in the lawsuit! When trouble starts, when you receive papers, assert your rights, protect your rights.